a practical guide to becoming a true pun master


  1. accept that no pun is actually Good, but that the true nature of a good pun is to be so terrible that it becomes good.
  2. say every pun that occurs to you. i’m so serious about this, sometimes the most well received puns will be ones you considered not saying.
  3. ALWAYS laugh at your own puns, even if nobody else is. (especially if nobody else is.)
  4. know that you are hilarious. puns are a limitless resource and you have taken it as your duty to bring this gift to humanity. you are a hero.
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Amin Faramarzian

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The Art of Dreamworks Animation | The Road to El Dorado 
Unfortunately the book doesn’t name who created any of the artwork, if anyone could message me I will happily source correctly. 

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The Nine Gates of death.

-from Sabriel by Garth Nix

(c) Laura Tolton 

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if anyone ever asks why i like wayne brady so much, i’m just going to show them this video

wayne brady went to my high school and i could not be any prouder

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December by Theodor Kittelsen.

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this is ridiculous stop it immediately

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August in the Spring.

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